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FreshFuelz Menu

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Pizzas 7'

Italian Farm Fresh 90
Paneer Tikka 130
Classic Cheese Overload 130
Exotic Pizza 130
Veg Extravaganza 150
Peri Peri Pizza 130
BBQ Pizza 130
Extra Cheese 20


Mexican Burger 95
Paneer Tikka Burger 120
Healthy Burger 95
Vegetable Burger 95
Peri Peri Burger 130
BBQ Burger 130
Extra Mayonnaise 15
Extra Cheese Slice 15


Cheese Corn Capsicum 100
Club Sandwich 110
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 100
Tandoori Paneer Sandwich 100
Grilled Vegetable 75
Coleslaw Sandwich 80
Mexican Grilled Sandwich 120
BBQ Sandwich 110
Peri Peri Sandwich 110
Chocolate Sandwich 100
Extra Cheese Slice 15


Baby Corn Chilli 150
Baby Corn Manchurian 150
Baby Corn Salt & Pepper 130
Cauliflower Salt & Pepper 130
Chilli Gobi 130
Crispy Veg 150
Gobi Manchurian 130
Golden Crispy Baby Corn 150
Mushroom Chilli 160
Mushroom Manchurian 160
Mushroom Salt & Pepper 160


Paneer Chilli 180
Paneer Manchurian 180
Paneer Salt & Pepper 180
Stir Fried Sweet Corn 150
Stir Fried Vegetables 160
Sweet Corn Salt & Pepper 150
Veg Lollipop 130
Veg Steam Momo 120
Veg Fried Momo 140
Paneer Steam Momo 130
Paneer Fried Momo 150


Main Course
Classic Veg Fried Rice 160
Schezwan Fried Rice 180
Veg Hakka Noodles 150
Schezwan Noodles 200
Veg Shanghai Fried Rice 170

Rice & Parathas

Steamed Rice 70
Jeera Rice 90
Peas Pulav 110
Vegetable Fried Rice 120
Veg Tawa Biryani 140
Ghee Rice 130
Aloo Paratha 90
Gobi Paratha 100
Mix Veg Paratha 100
Onion Paratha 100
Paneer Paratha 130
Phulka(2nos) 30
Ajwain Paratha(2nos) 50


Paneer Butter Masala 170
Matar Paneer 170
Paneer Kofta 170
Vegetable Kofta 150
Mix Veg 150
Aloo Jeera 120
Aloo Methi 130
Aloo Gobhi 130
Chole 110
Rajma 110
Daal Fry 110
Daal Makhani 130
Extra Curd 10

Meal Tray

Veggi Delight
Mix Veg Curry, Daal/Chole/Rajma, Dry Curry, Sweet, Rice, 2 Phulka 120
Paneer Treat
Paneer Curry, Daal/Chole/Rajma, Dry Curry, Sweet, Rice, 2 Phulka 140
Paratha Combo
2 Plain Paratha with chole/Rajma, Curd 110

Rolls and Wraps

Healthy Veggies 90
Malai Tikka 110
Paneer Tikka 110
Universal Sides
French Fries 90
Nachos 110
Cheese Roll 90
Fruit Bowl 70
Sprouts Bowl 70
To-Go-Bowl 80


Mosambi 65
Watermelon 65
Muskmelon 65
Pineapple 65
Orange 90
Mixed Fruit 75
Mint & Lemon 50
Water Bottle 10


Banana Shake 70
Strawberry Shake 100
Chikoo Shake 90
Muskmelon Shake 90
Dry Fruit Shake 120
Chocolate Shake 85
Cookies & Cream Shake 110
Kitkat Shake 90
Oreo Shake 90
Protien Shake 140
Cold Coffee 95
Lassi 65

About us

At FreshFuelz we believe in innovation and not stopping at anything, FreshFuelz newest entry to the Food Startup family is our brand new Cloud kitchen where we aim to fulfill the needs of our people with uniformity and perfection, ensuring that we extend ourselves beyond hospitality and cater to the areas of South Bangalore where we hold a place. We welcome you to be a part of our proudest endeavor and together let’s Enjoy FreshFuelz Fueling and Rejuvenating Everyone Daily!!!

Visit Us. Mon-Sun: 11am-9pm


Yes FreshFuelz is Veg!

Pre order food will be handed over to PODs (Points of Distribution) with delivery partners fulfilling the final stretch of the delivery. We use in-house delivery team for a 3km radius & 3rd party delivery partners like Shadowfox, Dunzo. Respective Delivery charges are as applicable. We are live in Swiggy and Zomato too.

Yes, you will be able to secure even better prices if you have higher volumes and repeat orders. However, thanks to the long-term and trusted relationships.

You can cancel your order from the time of placing it until the cut off point specified by your account manager, who will have discussed a schedule with you. You are liable for the full cost of the order if you cancel it after this time.

Please email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us to 9606069999 and we will help you sort out the issue. Thank you!


" One of the best club sandwiches I have ever tasted, awesome food and Hygienic place."

- Abhishek C (Google Review)

" Tried their pizzas..they were amazing..Worth for the prize. The place is also quite cool...The chef is great for customisation.."

- Zomato Review

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